Christmas is a time filled with traditions, both personal and national; gift-giving, festive television specials, snow-filled days off and kisses under the mistletoe. But there are a growing number of people who wish to ensure that their festive seasons are memorable for other reasons. Practically known as a study in how enormous a holiday season can get, Las Vegas still follows regular Christmas traditions, albeit often in a different format. The famous Las Vegas Strip is filled with casinos trying to outdo one another’s Christmas decorations, much in the same way that neighbours in the suburbs might conduct a similar competition, and traditional turkey dinners will be served across all hotels and restaurants, but with the added option of being able to hit the roulette table immediately afterwards. 

The price of a Christmas holiday to Sin City might be off-putting to some, but the festive season is a time for extravagance and luxury, and this can be achieved at a fraction of the price when making use of Las Vegas discount vouchers.  Simple savings such as transport, mealtimes and excursions can mean more money spent on the more indulgent aspects of a Vegas holiday, and will help to create one of the most memorable Christmases ever.

A Las Vegas discount coupon for the Monorail is one of the easiest ways to save money over the Christmas period. Travel up and down the Strip is available starting at just $20, with a 3-Day Unlimited Travel Pass seeing almost a 10% reduction in price. The quick and reliable transport method will be functioning on a normal schedule throughout the busy festive season, and is generally understood to be the most efficient way of getting around the metropolis. 

Many choose to spend an evening in Vegas taking in a show; this is no different at Christmastime. Acts such as Donny and Marie Osmond, the Muppets, Cee-Lo Green and Andrea Bocelli will all be performing one-off Christmas shows this year, and there is good news for lovers of Motown: there are exclusive Las Vegas money-off vouchers available for Human Nature, recently voted ‘#1 Singers In Vegas’ in a LVRJ survey. The vouchers entitle holders to $10 off general admission and VIP tickets, so the entire party can get involved in a night of Motown music which is sure to include some unique festive favourites.

The act of gift-giving is one which could not be ignored in Vegas; home to some of the world’s largest and most abundant shopping malls, last-minute dashes around the shops to find the perfect gift can be made much more fun and budget-friendly with a Vegas money-off coupon. With more than $3,000 in total savings to be made, the vouchers can be used in shops and restaurants up and down the Miracle Mile, and feature incredible discounts and a number of free gifts when certain purchases are made. 

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Parties Fit For A Prince In Las Vegas

HRH Prince Harry may have been in for a royal dressing down after images of his Las Vegas exploits were beamed around the world, but the Nevada capital of cool has seen its tourist trade given a boost. A 30% spike in interest for holidays to Las Vegas was recently reported, compared to figures taken the week before the Prince took his holiday there. In the week leading up to the leaked online photos of Harry after losing a game of ‘strip billiards’, the young royal was seen enjoying drinks at various pool parties around the city, as well as seeing many of the sights that Las Vegas has to offer.

Many Brits are now seeking to emulate His Royal Highness’ trip, which was billed as ‘the road trip to end all road trips’ and which echoed the events of the recent hit movie The Hangover. However, without VIP access to every exclusive club, and without the name of the British Royal Family to back them up, many holidaymakers will be pondering how they can make their holiday just as eventful and lavish as the Prince’s. In fact there are numerous ways which a holiday fit for a Prince can be imitated; Vegas discount vouchers are available and can be used in dozens of the city’s finest attractions, from restaurants to thrill-seeking excursions, and from theatres shows to museums. These vouchers offer set discounts or percentages slashed from total prices to ensure that holidaymakers on the hunt for a party to rival Harry’s will certainly find what they are looking for in the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world.

The Wynn Encore Hotel, where Prince Harry reportedly stayed during his visit to Sin City, is just minutes away from the Imperial Palace resort, where visitors to the Human Nature show are entitled to $10 off on presentation of a Vegas discount coupon. Voted ‘#1 Singers In Vegas’, the Australian celebration of Motown sound provides the perfect down-time before a night out in Vegas’ most coveted clubs, and with acts such as Michael Jackson and Celine Dion giving Human Nature their seal of approval by inviting them on previous tours, their talent and showmanship is proven.

For a way to chase away a hangover after a night on the tiles, Vegas money-off vouchers are available to use on Adrenaline ATV Tours; perfect for Hangover-esque stag parties or groups looks to follow in the Prince’s adrenaline-seeking footsteps. The tours feature a quad bike ride through the Nevada desert, coming face to face with snakes, lizards and Big Horn sheep. The discount voucher entitles visitors to $20 off their tour, which means an extra $20 can be spent on Vegas’ extensive nightlife scene.

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Las Vegas By Numbers

The opulence and luxury mixed with the hedonistic thrill of being in the gambling, shopping and entertainment city of the world make Las Vegas a must-see destination for many. It is renowned for being a city of plenty, but what are the exact figures of this plentiful reputation? Here are some of the most important facts and figures about Sin City.

197,144 – The number of slot machines located throughout the numerous sprawling casinos in Las Vegas. Each of the ‘headliner’ hotels, such as Caesar’s Palace and the MGM Grand has its own casino within the grounds for both residents and guests, and there are countless others along the famous Las Vegas Strip. There are only 124,270 Las Vegas hotel rooms in all, meaning that if the occupants of every single room descended on the slot machines at the same time, there would still be more than one for each room.

315 – The average number of Las Vegas weddings per day. Famed for its drive-thru weddings, which are often a mixture of spontaneous romance and ultimate convenience, Las Vegas plays host to more than three hundred wedding ceremonies every day, 365 days a year. However, despite its reputation for the quickie marriage, not all of the ceremonies in Las Vegas are last-minute affairs. The sheer number of five star hotels, luxury ballrooms for hire and Michelin star chefs within the city makes Vegas a perfect destination for a wedding of any budget.

11 – The price of one acre of land in a prime location on the Las Vegas Strip, in millions of dollars. The Strip is one of the key Las Vegas attractions, and with sights such as the Bellagio Fountains, the Venetian, Planet Hollywood and Caesar’s Palace, it is little wonder that the cost of becoming their neighbours is so high.

6.1 – 2011’s average gambling revenue for the city of Las Vegas, in billions of dollars. Be it at the poker tables or the slot machines, the Las Vegas house always wins when it comes to revenue, but that doesn’t stop countless tourists from enjoying the thrill of trying to beat the roulette wheel year after year. Gambling, though it is what the city has become most famous for, is not the only high-adrenaline activity that can be undertaken on a trip to Las Vegas; the city’s proximity to the world famous Grand Canyon means that plenty of excursions are available, with zip-lining, helicopter trips and sky dives all there to be enjoyed.


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Biggest Boxing Match In History Poised To Take Place At MGM Grand

One of the most hyped boxing matches in history may finally come to pass within the next twelve months, as experts speculate that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr will set a date to meet in early 2013. Representatives for the two boxers have been in talks about scheduling a fight since 2009, but scheduling conflicts and disagreements regarding doping proposals have resulted in the date continuously being pushed back. The fight, when it eventually takes place, will most likely be held in Las Vegas, the unofficial boxing capital of the world, but there have been numerous disputes that have so far prevented the clash from taking place.

One of the main disputes between the two boxers’ parties has been the issue of drug testing. The state of Nevada, where Las Vegas is situated, requires just one urine test before and after the fight, but Mayweather’s camp wish for Pacquiao to submit to Olympic-style testing, which could see the boxers tested on any given date before the fight. Pacquiao’s party claimed that they were worried about their fighter having blood taken too close to the fight, thus weakening him. Other stalling points have been a suspended prison sentence on Mayweather’s part, the percentage of profits going to each fighter and lastly, the location of the fight.

The proposed venue, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, has been home to many of Mayweather’s fights. It has also hosted fights between some of the most famous boxers in history, including Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson and ‘The Greatest’ – Muhammad Ali. The boxing legacy of this venue is undeniable; it is steeped in history. The building, which also houses a hotel and a casino, seats up to 16,800 people; however, Pacquiao’s party are well aware of the potential profit to be made from this bout, and are proposing that the organisers look into building an outdoor arena specifically for the fight, which will allow up to 40,000 spectators to attend the event. 

When the date is finally announced, there is likely to be a clamour for tickets, Las Vegas accommodation and flights to Sin City. Hotels and motels will be booked up, and Pacquiao and Mayweather supporters will flock to the city to enjoy what will be the climax of the respective fighters’ careers. The clash of epic proportions will attract fans from around the globe, and has the potential to be the biggest boxing match in history, cementing the status of the two boxers as two of the best there has ever been.

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Pocket Vegas Visitor Map and Guide Launches Online Store

Visitors planning a trip to the bright lights of Las Vegas can now order the Pocket Vegas Visitor Map & Guide and its famous Las Vegas Coupons savings book online. The site has launched a new online store to stock each issue as it’s published. Buyers are only required to pay shipping to their location in order to snap up each month’s selection hot off the press.


Available in hundreds of locations around Las Vegas including hotels, taxis and McCarran International Airport, Pocket Vegas Visitor Map & Guide is as indispensable as SPF. For those who like to plan in advance, ordering a copy before departure makes it easy to plan an itinerary, decide on what to do, what to see and where to go.


With over $1200 of savings in every addition, snapping up a pre-trip Las Vegas Coupons book also makes budgeting easy. With money off vouchers for sightseeing trips, top shows, popular bars and eateries, it pays to be prepared. Arriving with the map and hundreds of Las Vegas deals in hand also means every single minute can be enjoyed to the max.


Publisher Dusty Chambers said, “Before launching the store, we received thousands of requests from Pocket Vegas readers who wanted to be able to download each edition as it was printed. We were inundated with requests from those planning a trip who said how helpful it would be to buy the Pocket Vegas the map and Las Vegas savings books before their planned departure with hundreds of messages every day on the website and our Facebook page.


“In response to this demand, we have created the online store which is designed to make ordering quick and easy. And, with only the shipping to pay, savings start right away!”


As well as the Map and Pocket Vegas coupons book, there is also the option to order a copy of the Miracle Mile Shop Dine Save pamphlet which is packed full of offers, deals and discounts for locations within the Miracle Mile shopping mall. Each item can be shipped to the USA or UK.

Reviews for Pocket Vegas Visitor Map and Guide and Savings Book


Awesome Vegas Map & Guide February 21, 2012 (Peggy) “I bought this Vegas Map & Guide before my travels to Vegas and I have to say this is the most comprehensive tourist product that I have ever used. I used Pocket Vegas through-out my entire 3 day stay in Vegas. It showed me everything that I should do. It has a variety of advertisements with great offers which I used! When I come back to Vegas, this is my #1 choice to have in my purse at all times! Just a perfect map & guide with the best offers and ads. I highly recommend this to anyone planning their Vegas Vacation.”

Great little map May 19, 2012 (Lucy) ”Absolutely great little map. We used it constantly during our trip to get our bearings on the strip and figure out what was where. It folds up into a compact little booklet so you are not carrying around a mass of bumf. Also made a couple of nice savings on activities. Brought it home for next time although I think it is printed monthly so very up to date. Bargain to boot!”


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A Typical Day In Vegas

With so many incredible sights and attractions packed into one city, it can be difficult to know where to start when exploring the lavish and glamorous holiday destination that is Las Vegas. Famed for its world-class hotels, incredible restaurants, shopping malls, casinos and thrill-seeking excursions, many holidaymakers who choose to visit Sin City are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to planning their itinerary. This guide outlines a typical day in Las Vegas, including activities, transport, mealtimes and leisure time.

The first order of business is to arrange a method of transport which will allow tourists to make their way from one attraction to the next. The Monorail directly connects to many hotels on the Strip and has many trains shuttling back and forth every few minutes, so convenient transport is never more than a moment away. With an exclusive Las Vegas money-off coupon, an Unlimited 2-Day Pass for the Monorail is available for just $20, with 3-Day Passes available for $24; perfect for those who plan on enjoying everything the famous Las Vegas Strip has to offer.

Once the basic mode of transport is arranged, it’s time to get the adrenaline pumping with a trip to Las Vegas’ Indoor Skydiving Centre, where presenting a Las Vegas discount voucher on arrival entitles visitors to $5 off their flight. This simulated skydive experience takes place in a vertical wind tunnel, which replicates the feeling of falling through the air without the breath-taking height. 

After the exhilaration and excitement of the skydiving experience, enjoy some retail therapy at Miracle Mile Shops, located in the heart of the Strip. With stores, restaurants and entertainment, there are a thousand ways to enjoy an afternoon, and with Las Vegas money-off deals, there are savings of all kinds to be made. Whether stocking up on gifts for loved ones at home, indulging in some luxurious treats or planning to lunch in one of the exclusive restaurants, the Miracle Mile is one of Vegas’ prime leisure destinations. 

The evening is a perfect time to catch one of the many shows which take place in Vegas when the sun goes down. The Vegas discount vouchers from Pocket Vegas go one step further than just discount in the case of Jeff Civillico’s hilarious new comedy show, Comedy In Action. Four free tickets are available to claim for anyone who presents their voucher to the Imperial Palace Box Office, saving $38 per ticket. The show is billed as being fun for all ages, and with a blend of physical stunts and audience participation, it is fast becoming one of the best-loved shows in Vegas.


With nicknames such as Sin City and the Gambling and Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas has rightly developed a reputation for being a city of plenty. Lavish hotels, huge pools, Michelin-starred restaurants and casinos the size of football pitches fuel hedonistic nights of fun and indulgence, and Vegas has earned the right to be considered a five-star destination. But the five-star lifestyle doesn’t always mean five-star prices, especially not when utilising Las Vegas money off coupons. Here are some tips to enjoy an extravagant Vegas holiday without the costly price tag.

Showing up in Vegas and planning to go wherever the wind takes you is a fool’s errand; tourists who do this will end up sucked into an endless whirl of identical casinos and will miss the real hidden gems of the city. Conducting in-depth research into the sort of activities the holidaymaker would like to participate in is conducive to getting the best out of a vacation, and helps people to really make the most of their time in a destination. Once a basic itinerary is decided, visitors can then book in advance.

The rule of thumb generally states that the further in advance a booking is made, the better the deal will be. Hotels, shows, excursions and even restaurant tables are all oversubscribed in the busy city of Vegas, so booking early can confirm places and, most importantly, there is the possibility of discount. Many of these attractions, when booked in advance, accept Las Vegas discount vouchers which expire on a certain date and might not be accepted if they’re presented on the door.

As a result of thorough research and early bookings, creating a budget for spending money and luxuries is, in theory, very easy. The most difficult part will be sticking to it, especially in a city of plenty such as Vegas. Putting their last quarter of allocated casino money into a slot machine and walking out of the casino without any winnings can leave tourists feeling dissatisfied, but not as dissatisfied as they would feel if they had placed their entire holiday budget on ‘red’ only to see the ball land on black. To prevent overspending, leave credit cards in hotel safes and only remove the amount that is budgeted for that day; using Las Vegas discount coupons is also a great way to prevent overspending. 

Although Vegas has gained a reputation for extravagance and high spending, there are plenty of free activities to take advantage of, which are achievable and enjoyable even without a Vegas discount voucher. The world-famous Bellagio fountains put on water and light shows throughout the evening, whilst the street performers in St Mark’s Square at The Venetian Hotel and Casino are a great way to enjoy an afternoon.

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Go Modern With Contemporary Las Vegas Coupons And Save Thousands of Dollars This Summer

Coupons have long had a reputation for being popular amongst parents and grandparents as a great (if a little unfashionable) way to save money. However, times have changed since the days of clipping vouchers from magazines and newspapers, and now the humble money-off coupon is taking over the internet. According to a Business Wire publication, online coupon usage is on the rise, with more people than ever making use of coupons when paying for anything from meals in restaurants to holidays and from grocery shopping to thrill-seeking days out. It’s estimated that the average family can save up to $7,707 per year through using online coupons, with a huge 20% of that saved on travel. Las Vegas is a great place to utilise such coupons, with hundreds of offers and Las Vegas discount vouchers available from Pocket Vegas Visitor Map & Guide.

Holidays to Las Vegas have gained a reputation for being luxurious, hedonistic excursions, which make a huge dent in any budget. This reputation is about as out of date as the one grandparents have gained for their love of coupons; Las Vegas is surely one of the most exclusive and affluent places in the world, but there are many hidden gems which tourists on a more modest budget can appreciate with the help of some Las Vegas money-off coupons.

Vegas was once the home to a long-standing battle between organised crime and law enforcement. This civil war plagued the downtown area of Sin City for many years, and The Mob Museum is a monument to the incredible stories which come as a result of this battle. The historic formal federal building is the setting, and inside there are numerous exhibits, one-of-a-kind artefacts, presentations and short films, all preoccupied with giving visitors an inside look at one of the most fiercely fought battles for supremacy in American history. Using the Las Vegas Mob Museum discount voucher available from Pocket Vegas, visitors are granted 10% all purchases from the museum’s vast gift shop, which stocks novelty gifts such as t-shirts and key rings, as well as more informative items like books and DVDs, telling the story from both sides.

Las Vegas is also one of the cities in the world most likely to get the adrenaline pumping. If the bright lights and the thrill of gambling just aren’t enough anymore, the electrifying Adrenaline ATV Tour excursion promises to exhilarate, with the help of a Las Vegas money off deal. Customers are given the opportunity to share the desert just outside of Vegas with a whole manner of wild creatures, including snakes, lizards, Big Horn sheep and burros, as they trek over the rocky hills. The rock formations found here are completely exclusive to this part of the world, and the beautiful sandstone cliffs will surely make this an adventure to remember. When quoting Pocket Vegas, $20 is discounted from this price of this thrilling tour.

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Living It Up In Las Vegas

The well-known expression ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’, is even more applicable for the all time party city of Las Vegas.  As glamorous as a weekend away in Las Vegas sounds, it is! Pocket Vegas Visitor Map & Guide has an incredible array of fabulous offers, deals and discounts up for grabs all summer long. So while in a city that truly doesn’t sleep, why not party as the stars do and enjoy everything the incredible Las Vegas strip has to offer without having to worry about the budget? It’s time to book the hotel, get packing and line your travel plans with a Pocket Vegas Map, Visitor Guide and a handful of Las Vegas deals and coupons to some the most popular attractions on the Strip.



Going to Vegas means a show is most definitely on the books. Choosing which one is normally the hard part but Pocket Vegas has made that choice just a little easier with a buy one, get one free Las Vegas deal for Jan Rouven’s thrilling show ‘Illusions’. Filled with magic, suspense, mystery and some heart-stopping action, the show is a great way to start your holiday extravaganza.


Vegas Shopping

There is nothing in Las Vegas like a bit of retail therapy for both guys and gals alike. With a host of deals and discounts ready sorted, The Miracle Mile Shops: shop-dine-save Vegas coupon book can save you thousands of dollars. With shops, restaurants and entertainment discounts all included, it can keep you shopping till you drop all week long.


Indoor Skydiving

If you’ve always fancied flying but don’t want to jump out of a plane, Las Vegas indoor skydiving experience promises an adrenaline rush like no other without really having to leave solid ground. Replicating the sensations of skydiving exactly with no plane involved, Indoor Skydiving is suitable for most abilities and makes a great afternoon activity for all ages. All through July, you can get a $5 Las Vegas discount coupon for Indoor Skydiving just by showing your copy of Pocket Vegas Visitor Map & Guide.


Double Helix

Double Helix has teamed up with Pocket Vegas to offer a special double deal. Be sure to present your coupon in order to receive a free appetizer with a purchase of 2 entrees at Double Helix’s Wine and Whiskey Lounge at Town Square and get a second bottle of wine half price at the stylish and sophisticated Double Helix Wine Bar and Wine Boutique.


Fly Maverick

For a truly amazing Las Vegas experience, visit the strip from the unrivaled vantage point of a helicopter window. Whether it’s a romantic trip, birthday treat, wedding celebration or simply a once in a lifetime experience, Pocket Vegas’ exclusive Fly Maverick’s coupon offers daytime and nighttime flights for a mere $99 and as if the memory wasn’t enough, includes a free $30 value t-shirt.



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Spend Some Time In The Presence of a Genius with The Newest Las Vegas Attraction

If you’re looking for gambling free things to do in Las Vegas, the new da Vinci exhibition at The Venetian hotel is just the ticket. For a limited time only, daVinci – The Genius will showcase more than 200 unique pieces in a hands on exhibition designed to celebrate the most iconic works of the celebrated artist.

The first exhibit to reside at the Imagine Exhibitions Gallery in The Venetian hotel, the show was created by a team of da Vinci experts from Italy and France. It demonstrates the full scope of Leonardo da Vinci’s remarkable genius as an inventor, artist, anatomist, sculptor, engineer, musician and architect with 13 themed areas of work. It takes visitors inside the mind of the man who laid the groundwork for some of modern society’s most noteworthy inventions, including the helicopter, airplane, automobile, submarine, parachute and bicycle.


The exhibition includes 75 life-size machine inventions, three-dimensional renderings of da Vinci’s most notable Renaissance works and an eye-opening, in-depth analysis of his most famous piece, “Mona Lisa.”. Tom Zaller, president of Imagine Exhibitions said, “Da Vinci – The Genius offers visitors of all ages and backgrounds an entertaining, educational and enlightening experience, whether they are art and history aficionados or seeing da Vinci’s work for the first time.”


The exhibits included in the show were brought to live by a skilled team of Italian artisans. In order to really get inside the mind of the artist, they used many of the same Renaissance techniques and studied more than 6000 pages of musings from da Vinci’s personal notebooks. Within these tomes they encountered hidden clues, intentional mistakes and mirror-image writing – all techniques used by the artist to keep his creative techniques secret.


Ticket Prices: adult ($25), senior/military ($23), Nevada residents ($20), children 12 and under ($18). Open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.


As the biggest and best Las Vegas guide on the Strip, Pocket Vegas Visitor Map & Guide contains hundreds of ideas for free things to do in Las Vegas. Each month, the Guide collates the best Las Vegas coupons for savings on hotels, dining, attractions, shows and shopping.


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World’s Most Thrilling Shows, All In One City

From illusionists to tribute acts, comedy to drag queens, Las Vegas has the market cornered when it comes to some of the world’s most spectacular shows. Famed for the bright lights of the infamous Las Vegas Strip, as well as being billed as ‘The Entertainment Capital OfThe World’, stars from across the globe dream of having a residency in Sin City, with previous performers including Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Cher, Prince and more recently, Celine Dion. Among the celebrity hotspots, luxury hotels and thrilling gambling jaunts, there is always time to bask in some truly astonishing talent with some of the best shows Las Vegas has to offer.

The inimitable Cirque du Soleil have more than one show open in Las Vegas at the minute, but none attract more guests from across the world than their ‘The Beatles LOVE’ show. Performing at The Mirage hotel, a cast of 60 international entertainers combine their unique brand of freestyle dance and aerial acrobatics to a soundtrack of the Famous Four’s greatest hits. The show was inspired by the friendship between Beatle George Harrison and the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Gay Laliberte, tickets start at around $90.00 and with two performances per day, there is no excuse for Beatles fans to miss out on this spectacular event. If you’ve already seen The Beatles LOVE, Pocket Vegas Visitor Map and Guide is currently offering Las Vegas coupons subscribers tickets to Mystere from just $55.

For those who love to be mystified, Jan Rouven’s Illusions will thrill and bamboozle audiences with some of the most dangerous and incredible illusions ever performed on stage. Set to a modern soundtrack of hits by Adele and Katy Perry, the master illusionist takes his audience on an electrifying journey full of imagination and mystery at the FAME Theatre, and will surely leave everyone talking about his act for many years to come. Magicians never reveal their secrets, but the secret of one of Las Vegas’ best ever shows is well and truly out – tickets start at £49.99 and often sell out, so it is worth booking in advance.

For something altogether more sedate, the House of Blues Las Vegas show, which has been in residency at the Mandalay Bay Resort since it opened in 1999, is the perfect choice. The venue boasts an open air balcony, perfect to enjoy some soulful music on a balmy summer’s evening, and for true blues fans, there are plenty of traditions adhered to: a metal box of real Delta Mississippi mud is kept under the stage for luck, and a Crazy Quilt is displayed in all its glory.  The maximum occupancy is 1,900, and special guests in the coming months include Scissor Sisters, Steel Panther and Santana.


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